Sunday, March 15, 2009

latest and greatest

the happenings of late:
*alex had knee surgery last week.
he's doing well and was outfitted with
a cane and vicodin,
prompting many impersonations of dr. house.
even more fortunate for us, the cane is adjustable,
making it hutch-height. since h is at the age where
he acts like he's taking vicodin, it's like we have
two dr. houses scampering around.

*sweet, sweet elsa is scooting around like an inchworm
slowly but surely, and is constantly luminous with
bright smiles and babbles. and she has a rat tail to compliment her
mohawk. she is so yummy it's tempting to just eat her up. but i won't.

*hutch is officially making embarrassing proclamations in public.
one of the less humiliating ones involves a shirt alex has with
a long-haired, goateed johnny damon on the front. hutch is convinced it's a picture of me and
talks about daddy's 'shirt wif mama on it.' loudly, since he is a loud talker.
it probably goes without saying alex wears this shirt more often now.

*we're two weeks away from putting our house on the market, finishing the
million projects that have been 3/4 of the way done for almost two years now.
i'll have to post some before/after pictures. i will really miss this cozy little house and the cozy, hip town of charlottesville.

*this brings me to the final big bullet for the day. as most of you know,
we have prayed and prayed and prayed some more about where we will be moving this summer.
while we are sad to not be closer to family and friends,
God has given us equal parts excitement and peace about where we are headed next:

missoula, montana.
we head there next month to find a house and move in mid-july.
we are so happy to be moving to a place where we can hunker down
and plant some roots.
and now for a shameless plug:
we want visitors! missoula is less than
three hours from yellowstone and glacier national park,
a day's drive from vancouver.
consider this an open invitation for you and your family to have
a home base in big sky country.
so please. come stay awhile.


ellen said...

amazing! totally jealous about the scenery and you living in a way cool college town. but we will certainly consider coming up there either this summer or next... because we spend at least 3/4 of summers traveling. miss you and love keeping up to date with all! And I think missoula is an amazing choice. one of my best friends jay... she is dying to get back there. Well, I am so excited for you!

Heather said...

great post
not so great surgery
fun stories
not so fun reminder

you never should have thrown out the invite to montana...
don't forget my room when
house hunting, stacy.

AnniePhil said...

whoa exciting- moving to missoula! maybe we'll visit ya one of these days.... and I loved the skate park video, btw!