Saturday, February 16, 2008

cALi Pt.2: L.A., BrO

phase two of our trip
found us trekking from
san diego to la
so alex could attend a
we spent the day at laguna beach along the way
(at this point i feel
it must be said
that it was alex who
started singing the
"laguna beach" theme song
upon arrival).
we stayed in beverly hills,
and every morning
hutch and i would secure our
celebrity-watching glasses
and set out in hopes
of a sighting,
but it turns out
rodeo drive isn't that busy
at 8am...which is
when we were out
and about due to the
three hour time difference in
hutchy's schedule.
however, we did manage some quality sightings:
chris and tami
and more denver folk,
marcus and laura.
nice trip, but nice to be home.

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