Wednesday, September 1, 2010

buggy is two!

elsa, ladybug, buggy, bugs, bugga...
you turned two almost two weeks ago.
and i can't believe it. i also can't wrap my brain
around all of the things i want to say to you.

you are buttermilk pie doused in hot sauce,
sweet to the core with a very liberal dose of spice.
you make us laugh, give us love, confuse us,
and we marvel at the girl God made just for our family. you are a perfect fit with your many, many personality traits. we love them all.

bugs, i love your tough, feisty exterior.
you play it lauren bacall-cool with others, studying them,
offering little more than a mona lisa smile at their efforts to win you over
until you really, really know them.
and even then you still play hard to get.
but when you open up, you are a chatterbox, grinning, giggling girl.

you don't walk, you strut. in your red cowgirl boots, because
what else would you possibly want to wear?
my elsa, you love babies, animals, books, singing, and dancing, dancing, dancing.

i love seeing you with your brother, you absolutely love him.
you call him 'my hutchy,' or 'my bubba,'
and shower him with hugs and pats, kiss his boo-boo's
and are absolutely agitated if you
wake up first and have to wait for hutch to come downstairs.

bugga, we are so thankful for you.
you are so unique, yet i see so much great-grandmommy in you.
i remember reading that much of one's personality is developed
by age two. if that is the case, we need to buckle up,
because you are going to be one wild ride. and we can't wait to see the
beautiful person you will continue to become.


Heather said...

what a darling post. i love to read your prose, stacy.
wish i knew your kids.
what an adventure!
love to elsa, the big girl she has become...

Little Lamb said...

Oh, I love how you write to your kids, Stacy. Such love and talent. Wish I knew Elsa....she sounds absolutely delightful.

guillotfamily said...

Oh Elsa I miss you! Happy birthday sweet thang! And that last pic is just amazing!