Thursday, September 24, 2009

four years ago....

lots have happened in the following days:
two kiddos, three different states, three different houses.
hutch captured my feelings on alex perfectly today when he said
out of nowhere:
"i love my daddy. he's a nice and good man."
such a wise sage that boy is to speak such true words.

tonight, our ritual anniversary dinner: wings and beer. yum yum.


guillotfamily said...

That was the most beautiful wedding I have ever been too. For serious!

Heather said...

so happy to see some pics of that amazing day! you two make a lovely family :)

Little Lamb said...


Meredith & Eric said...

Congrats!!! You two have done 10 times more in your 4 years than Eric and I have done in our 9 and a half years! Impressive.