Thursday, June 4, 2009

...and he's DONE!!

not long after i started working in child protection, a co-worker was quizzing me about life, if i was dating anyone, etc. (because with we social work types, it's all about full disclosure).
i told mary i did in fact have a boyfriend, and she asked where he worked, and i told her that he was at a hospital in town. she asked what his last name was, as her father had been to that emergency room numerous times before passing away. when i told her his name, her face softened and she said,
"i know him. my father saw him once, and he was so kind and loving towards my father when he was not easy to love."

while packing and sorting and sorting and packing over the past month, i have come across several cards and books given to alex from patients, and love seeing how quickly they came to know the heart of my husband. so many thank you's for helping them to heal not just physically, but emotionally and spiritually. notes saying they could tell right away he was a follower of Christ, and of course, invitations to go fishing or hunting on their private land.

it really hits home just how incredible my man is.

last night was alex's final graduation (?-still don't know if you call it that). it has been over thirteen years of study from med school at KU med to residency, one year in internal medicine, and general cardiology fellowship at colorado, to his cardiac imaging fellowship here at uva med. now, my i-changed-my-major-five-times-in-college brain cannot even begin to comprehend that kind of career dedication. i am just. so. proud.

i am proud of his dedication, and proud that the root of it is his desire to serve others. even last night, around faculty that have known him for two years or less, i was pulled aside three times to have someone tell me how special alex is as a person.

alex said last night it felt strange to be done and strange that we weren't in denver for this final farewell to being a student of sorts. if we had been in d-town, there would have been a great party at lincoln's road house with meatloaf cheeseburgers, pot roast burritos, and abita flowing, but in charlottesville we will celebrate just as loudly again tonight.

here's alex in front of the rotunda on the lawn last night. thomas jefferson would be pleased.


guillotfamily said...

Congrats to Alex! It is such an amazing accomplishment and it is really cool he found something he is so passionate about doing. And congrats to you as well for making it through the looong looong process of medical school. I am just so happy for you guys. You have a lot of blessings and excitement flowing your way right now. You and your family deserve it! Oh and I am COUNTING DOWN THE DAYS until you make it to visit Texas.

ellen said...

This is such a big deal. I am sad I don't know Alex very well. But thanks for sharing and tell him that my science teacher heart is proud.

J and T said...

We are so proud of Alex, the dr. he is, the husband, the father, and the person! Congratulations, Alex, and to the entire family. Now on to the Montana adventure!!!!
Tim and Janell

guillotfamily said...

Oh and your mothers heart must be a flutter since she now has TWO sons that are doctors.

Greg and Liz T said...

seriously, Stacy, I keep tearing up when I read your blog. we were sad he couldn't finish up here too - alas. Alex is one of the most kind and thoughtful men I know - exactly the type of person that I would want to care for a member of my family. Well done Big Al!

Heather said...

What a wonderful tribute to your amazing husband; yes, you are blessed beyond measure and I know that all those who know/have known alex have been blessed beyong measure as well.

Congrats, Jehle Family!
We love you guys sooooo much!