Saturday, May 9, 2009

i already am sad thinking of hutch's little verbal -isms,
knowing he won't always have 'me' and 'you' confused, refer to himself in third person,
and things of that nature. it is for that reason i feel the need to document his sayings as of late.

**before he could really express himself, he used to leave the room if he was doing something he knew he shouldn't, believing i wouldn't notice if he happened to continue that behavior in the dining room as opposed to the kitchen. now, however, he has started adding 'just' before describing any behavior that could result in consequences, as if to diminish the severity of his actions.

for example:

me: "hutch, what are you playing with?"
h: "just da computer." replace computer with any hands-off item to get the idea.

**rather than saying yes or 'no, 'thank you,' he has begun saying 'probably,' or 'probably not' when offering his preference on things.
**and then there are the conversations like this one today,:
me:sure is sunny today...
h:uhhhh, no, it's not.
me: hmm, really? is it raining?
h: oh, no, no, you think it's not.
me: oh, then what is the weather?
h: pants.
there are many, many more, but you get the idea. two really is a wonderful, strange age.


ellen said...

what is it with the probably, probably not thing? I laughed so much when ben did this. It is so precious and I am so glad you are writing some of it down because I wish I did. I found it hard to not laugh when ben insists on disagreeing for the sake of his assertion (raining example). Still happens all the time. Precious boy... and dope kneepads.

Little Lamb said...

love it, wish Ryann and Hutch could hang out and chat it up

Heather said...

the best the best the best age!