Wednesday, April 1, 2009


we have yet to move elsa into
the room with hutch,
so she continues to sleep
in our room in a pack & play
( have no idea how helpful this gift has been over the past 2+ years).
she is a hard sleeper as a result,
but every couple of weeks she wakes up as we (and devo) come in for the night.
glad she woke up this night, as she was rockin' a pretty sweet lid.
she looks like the zeds in that dr. seuss book.
our buggy:


Meredith & Eric said...

Looks like a prom pic!! hair all bundled up on top... Nice.

Heather said...

she has the best expressions...
and definitely Dr. Seuss style!

Little Lamb said...

she is so adorable...she looks so much like Hutch...your kids are cute, that's for sure.:)