Monday, November 19, 2007

sT. LUke'S oR bUsT

because my Grandmommy has been in the hospital for awhile, my family and i decided it would be best if i flew to houston for a couple of days. she was (and still is) in icu at st. luke's, and i really wanted to be there for her. the one glitch: hutch had to stay in virginia (gulp). alex, Super Spouse, cleared his schedule to become a stay-at-home-dad for two days (i know, he's a keeper) so i could head back to the lone star state.

the visit was challenging, both seeing Grandmommy hurting and being away from hutch for the first time, but there was no place i felt i needed to be more. my mom has been a rock, caring for Grandmommy and serving her in an amazing way. mom really rolls out the red carpet. Grandmommy and i have a tight bond, and i felt honored to be able to help out during that short visit. she has always had a big impact on my life.

i left this morning, and Grandmommy is doing SO MUCH BETTER and getting back to her sassy self. i was really ready to be reunited with my family...and when i came home, this big ball of sunshine greeted me:

*SIGH* he makes me woozy.


Katie said...

So happy to hear that Grandmommy is doing better!! Hutch is too cute and so darn happy. I always look forward to see new pictures from the fun Jehlehaus.


Cara said...

so happy grandmommy is sassy again.
so much better than feeling sick!

and your cutie baby is amazing - does he have is ARM AROUND YOU in that second picture? he is a BABY!
(and i miss my friend stacy, who is the only one who would REALLY get why that is so funny!)

love love love you friend!